When does life slow down?

I am always telling myself that “right after this show”, or “right after we do this” ….’I will be able to relax a bit and breathe‘.Ncci and Jime LitwalkJime Litwalk

Well, it has been almost 2 weeks since the West Coast Tattoo Show (which was Fab!) and I have been on the go ever since. We have decided to get our home ready to list (hopefully tomorrow). We have be painting, having a heater installed in my studio, gardening, replacing doors with dings, scrubbing outdoor decks, and de-cluttering. Today I have to shampoo the carpets & then I think we are ready…whew! I really enjoy and love our home, but we have decided that now is the time to move up and actually have a piece of grass for our son to play on.

Once the home listing is up on MLS.ca I will post all the photos and details for you.

No you know why I have once again slacked at blogging. Next week I plan to be back on track. Work out at 9am and blogging at 10am.My booth display

The photo shown in this posting is the Tattoo I received on April 18th by the great Artist Jime Litwalk from Hart and Huntington in Las Vegas. I had described in emails to him what I was sort of looking for. Then on Friday juts before the show opened, I went to meet him in person at his booth. He ended up flipping through my watercolour Glitzy Gal book and drew up the sketch in a few minutes. I just love her! Thanks Jime!table top display

My camera decided to completely retire Friday morning, so I had to rely on my cel phone and new friends for pictures. So a big thank you to those who emailed me a few.

Keep smiling and creating everyone!


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  1. What a fun Tattoo Nicci. You are a brave soul…ouch!! I see you becoming the artist you’ve always wanted to be, from the inside out! So inspiring watching all these great changes. Love it!!

    Hugs Giggles

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