A Summer Day with Glitz’n’Stitch…

This week Duran and I wanted to experiment with something new & fun!  I had recently purchased the latest copy of STUFFED Magazine… and inspiration hit us!

There were some wonderful articles showcasing Junker Jane (a close neighbour to the South) and Jen Musatto (a fellow Canadian).

I have really been wanting to make cloth “stuffie” versions of ‘My Girlz’ and we thought this would be a great way to experiment with fabric and my barely used sewing machine (lol).

At first I was just going to make my own monster doll, but once Duran saw what I was about to do… he wanted in! So we headed out to a fabric store (which is about a 1/2 drive away) to pick out some fun fabrics. Once we were home the sketching and cutting began.

It’s crazy to think the old school way that boys would not be interested in learning to hand stitch. I have never shown him (he is almost 9) and thanks to such a fun project inspired by these two wonderful ladies, we had a blast! We were going to give them hair, but we have not found anything that suits them as of yet.

Thank you, thank you , thank you. Now we cannot wait to create in our own unique styles.

Stay tuned! Keep smiling and creating!