Reaching out…

Today I am choosing to reach even further.

I had a great 2015 in the art world, with teaching, Hosting another Art Retreat, spending time with other creative souls, pushing my art beyond what it had been and so much more.

I used to play it safe with my art, keeping it all friendly so as not to offend anyone by pushing their acceptable boundaries. Last Fall I pushed a bit further with my Alice in Wonderland characters, but it needs to go even further.

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I teach my students to PUSH themselves creatively. That there is no need for ‘art’ to look ‘real’ to look ‘life-like’. What not have two wonky eyes on your character, why not have 9 wonky eyes….lol?

There has been these feathered & furry friends that keep wanting to jump into my art, but I was denying them entry. What the heck for? You may have seen this recent doodle that I shared on my Instagram: IMG_6297

Well, this last Saturday I ended up in my friend James Picard‘s art studio & another bird wanted into the painting, but the poor thing was deceased. I kept telling it ‘no’, as I could not paint a dead bird into my creation. It would just be too morbid. However, she just would not leave me alone.

My first doodle of her in the ladies hair, just wasn’t flowing correctly. James suggested creating in a figure 8 style, like the infinity sign. So I erased my bird doodle and tried to re-draw her alive and flying out of the ladies hair. It just would not work. The little birdie wanted to be dead, but she said ‘please cradle me with love within your painting’. Crazy, right?

Well, here she is (see below). The painting is not yet complete, but WOW, it works! Don’t you think it works?

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So, now I am committed to listening to my creative spirit more than I have ever done in the past.

… and with that being said, … today I am submitting my application for a local Pop-UP Art Studio, where I can paint all day and invite others to come & paint with me. ¬†Fingers Crossed !!!