Get your FREE art stencil on April 24th!


*Includes FREE face stencil from Nicci!

Date: Monday April 24th
Time: 10:30 am – 13:00 pm (bring your lunch)
Cost: $38.00 + tax
Instructor: Nicci (Dot C.A.) Battilana

No previous experience is necessary. JOIN US for this fun workshop!
NOTE: Please note that you do NOT need to prep your page with white GESSO. 🙂

SUPPLIES to bring to class:
– 1 sheet (9×12) of Canson XL Watercolor Paper 140 lb (300 gsm) (acid-free with a cold press)
– wipeable craft sheet (* necessary for this workshop)
– paper towel
– permanent black felt/marker with a brush tip.
– Paint brushes: fine liner, shader #8, & round #2
– stencil brush
– heat gun
– Tombow ABT felt in #879.
– package of LITTLE B’s butterflies #100137
– thin (7mm) Sookwang double sided tape.
– watercolour crayons in golden ochre & a medium to dark blue.(Nicci used Neocolor II in Golden Ochre and Cobalt Blue.)
– Acrylic paint in Titan Buff (skin tone), + Dina Wakley’s MEDIA paints in Umber, Blushing, Turquoise & lime.
– KAISER CRAFT sheet of scrapbook paper from the Wildflower Collection, called ‘Flowering’ P2272 (We have put a few sheets aside for this workshop, so just ask Maggie for one.)
– small scissors
– *NOTE: Included in class fee is a custom made ART STENCIL of our girls face. (from Instructor).

*To receive your FREE face art stencil from Nicci, you must pay for and attend this workshop on April 24, 2017 at Country Lane in Cloverdale, BC. .  This art stencil may not be re-sold or used in anyway to earn money, unless done by the creator, Nicole Battilana. All artwork using this stencil that is showcased publicly must acknowledge that it is Nicci’s (Nicole Battilana’s) design.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Please call the shop to secure your place!:
Country Lane
#102-17665 66a Ave
Surrey, BC V3V2T8
(604) 574-9088

Challenge #12 ~ Create like a child

2014-Oct-propmt-12Remember when you just loved to scribble using different colours….

when you did not need to conform and colour within the lines?

I give you permission to let the 5 year old you take control of your art today!

For Example:

  •  draw flowers floating in the sky rather than clouds.
  • draw a fish being taken for a walk on a leash.
  • sketch a garden that grows house, hats or honeycomb
  • write about swimming unicorns and flying pigs
  • draw a rainbow you can slide down

Glitzy Galz available as RUBBER STAMPS!

This is something I have wanted for about 5-6 years now and it looks like it is finally coming true! YEAH!!!

A huge thank you to my friend Sunny Carvalho for sharing her similar experience on line! She is such a doll…. and a talented one at that.

I have been in contact with the rubber stamp producers and now would like to ask you what types of stamps you would like to see from me. My digital stamps have done well in sales, but I personally love the tangible grip and pressing of a physical wood mounted stamp!

Ooooooh, think of all the journal love! The card making! The stamped fabric and mixed media, etc…. I think I am so excited I may just bounce off the couch right now with my lap top flying away…. ha ha.

Please share your requests in the comment field below.

Lots of love & happiness,



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Dancing Duran takes GOLD!

So very proud of my young Man!

Overall awards won at Dance Power:

  1. JAZZ Large Group 9/10years (Div II) “The Tribe”: GOLD medals, 2nd place
  2. Novelty SOLO 9/10 years (Div II) “Adolpho”: GOLD medal, 1st place, special Judge award for ‘Shining Star’.
  3. Novelty DUO 9/10 years (Div II) “I Can’t Dance” with Jayda: GOLD medals, first place
  4. TAP Large Group 9/10 years (Div II) “Footloose”: SILVER medals
  5. NOVELTY Large Group 9 years (Div II) “Song Birds”: GOLD

(action stage photos taken by

Dancing Duran is back on stage!

2013-03-04-Duran-dance-poweDance competitions have begun for the year. Yesterday Duran’s jazz group did a number entitled “The Tribe”. They were fantastic!!!  The won gold medals and rcvd second place standing for their category. Way to go Team!!!

We are not able to film during performance time, but have free reign when the kids are on the stage waiting for the awards to be announced for their session. Duran always makes good use of this time and the chance to be on a stage. This time, however, young Sean decided to join him front and centre. They had a blast as you can see below!

Tomorrow Duran competes against 6 other entries with his solo! So excited to see him up their again…. and yes, I will have the camera rolling at award time again!   🙂