Checking out my Glitzy Gals in a wind storm (ART VLOG #11)


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This SATURDAY is the fabulous…..

South Surrey Community Festival!south-surrey-festival-851-3

Come FIND ME this Saturday between 11am & 3pm!

A wild & wooly TUESDAY night! (updated)

….lol…. come FIND ME tonight in Langley!

2015 04UPDATE:   The event was anything but Wild or wooly…. 🙁

It was a dud! Maybe 20 people came through the door that were not a vendor or friend of a vendor. Wow! So this is Creative Finds new competition…….um, okay.

They sent this in an email to all of us vendors today (“Thanks for making our show a success.”) and then asked us to register for their 2 Winter markets.

So I sent an email back and asked :

I am just curious as to why you think the show was a success.
What makes a market a success to you?

Regards, Nicci

I am very curious as to if or how they will respond.

I am so tired of people putting on these markets, that seem to have no business doing so. There is more to hosting a market than renting the space and filling it with vendors at a cheap table fee people! Where is the marketing, where is the enticing to welcome the public in?  Where is the diversity in products being offered? If you call your event an ‘Artisan’ market…. why are there only a few ‘Artists’ and many home party products? UGH! If only true organizers were putting on markets, there would be no over-saturation, no disappointed clientele that will not come back or attend other markets.

I am tired of not speaking up. So after a huge waste of an evening, & having to arrange rides for my child while I was out, I am speaking up!

Thank goodness for my great vendor neighbor last night. Chatting with her for 4 hours was my only saving grace. Oh, in case you were interested… she had two whole customers and I had just one lovely lady that bought 3 greeting cards.

ENOUGH of the crappy markets people!!! Join me at Creative Finds if you want to be a part of a reputable market that cares how the vendors do and if they and the public are happy.

Visit Me ~ My last CRAFT SHOW of the Season!

Today, from 3pm-7pm, I will have two table filled with a wonderful variety of my Glitzy Galz creations!

LOCATION: White Rock Elementary School at the corner of Fir and Johnston. See you there!


Where’s the THREAD?!

2013-10-12-IMG_6648 2013-10-12-IMG_6649 2013-10-12-IMG_6650Well, I did it!  I cut apart one of my hand painted denim jackets… and it actually felt good. For a few hours over the past two days I have been working on this new Messenger bag, only to realize that while I thought I was closing in on the finish line late last night (watching SNL) …. and was SEW in the zone of creation, that I did not realize I was trying to sew without thread.  UGH, what a time to run out. My large spool of thread was completely bare and all that was staring back at me was the very white plastic spool.

I guess I will be visiting the local Walz-mart today since the fabric store in White Rock is closed on a Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends & family!