A funny thing happened at the CLOWN factory….

…. so you ordered your child’s BIRTHDAY party CLOWN over the internet without checking references, did you…? …and how did that work out? #artjournal #niccidotcaparty-clown

It was funny day in the ole art studio…

I started painting and then thought about Katy Perry‘s music video where she showed up at people’s parties as the entertainment. I had to laugh, as I envisioned a creepy clown arriving to a 5 year olds party. Only to wonder how one would go about getting rid of the clown, when the kids had already seen the fun polka dotted car pull up in front of the house knowing that a clown was about to come through the door. This creation list may prove to be endless….. ha ha.

My 1st entry in the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014

I had so much fun creating this art piece!Battilana-Nicole-GTS14A1-Th

The inspiration had to be ‘terrarium’. I created a PINTEREST board to save a few public images that inspired me.

I hope you all enjoy her. Let me know what you think in the comment section.Lilla Rogers widget

New Glitzy Galz … including our sideshow attraction Unigirl!

This week I have been house-bound with a bad head cold, but still managed to get a bit of work done. Thankfully. :)

Yesterday I digitally prepped 6 new greeting card images.sample-image

Leave me a message below to tell me which ones are your faves or what you would like to see in my next set. Unigirl-stamp-by-N


Here is the new sketch, now digital stamp I did today. Unigirl, the Sideshow attraction! The Unigirl was inspired by a facebook posting today by Samie Harding (aka Journal Girl).


If you would like to purchase a copy to colour in or use in your scrap-booking or juicy art journals….CLICK HERE!

Stepping Stones

Welcome down the path into my new ART STUDIO.

It is still a work in progress, but it is a lovely project to have to work on…lol.

This studio space is smaller than the last, but will be more prominent and welcoming for guests at my next OPEN HOUSE (date T.B.A.).

As mentioned in my video shown above, My lovely Grandma Fran turned a young 90 today! We had a wonderful celebration for her last Saturday with over 100 guests!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Grandma!   xoxoxox

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Into the HeART Art Retreat Info:

All SKILL levels welcome!



SAVE YOUR SPACE!countdown-17

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The Documented Life
Life Book 2014
Leonie Dawson 2014 printable planners

The side show is not over until the glitzy gal ‘sangs’

What did you do today?

I played with a wood peg, a mint box and my art supplies…. it was a good day!

Nicci-IMG_6734 Nicci-IMG_6735 Nicci-IMG_6736 Nicci-IMG_6737 Nicci-SANY0725 Nicci-SANY0726 Nicci-SANY0727 Nicci-SANY0730 Nicci-SANY0732 Nicci-SANY0735

Little Box World dioramas

Title: “On With the Show!” By Nicci Battilana.
The side show is not over until the glitzy gal ‘sangs’.

Materials: mixed media, acrylic paint, patterned paper, glitter, string, crystal fabric, & washi tape.

Where’s the THREAD?!

2013-10-12-IMG_6648 2013-10-12-IMG_6649 2013-10-12-IMG_6650Well, I did it!  I cut apart one of my hand painted denim jackets… and it actually felt good. For a few hours over the past two days I have been working on this new Messenger bag, only to realize that while I thought I was closing in on the finish line late last night (watching SNL) …. and was SEW in the zone of creation, that I did not realize I was trying to sew without thread.  UGH, what a time to run out. My large spool of thread was completely bare and all that was staring back at me was the very white plastic spool.

I guess I will be visiting the local Walz-mart today since the fabric store in White Rock is closed on a Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends & family!



Today is a brand new day!

Yes, our food is now located outside in the rain in coolers with ice packs, however…

The fridge will hopefully be fixed before sundown, our family members health is in pretty good standing, and I have a wonderful family and group of friends!

2013-10-02-SANY06852013-10-02-SANY0687Shown above are a couple pics I took for you this morning. Please free to share them online.    :)

Keep smiling and creating!

Fifty Shades with a hint of Steampunk

Yesterday was the 27th annual Granville Island Garbage Can Contest.

Launched in 1986 by the late George McInnis, founder of Granville Island Ferries, as a fundraiser for the British Columbia Children’s Hospital the Annual Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction is carried on each fall by his son Dave and the enthusiastic staff of Granville Island Ferries.  On Sunday, September 22, twenty-five artists will take part in three hours of creative madness, turning plain metal cans into works of art. The auction will be hosted by renowned Granville Island Ferry skipper and broadcasting personality Ian Wood. From 2pm to 2:30pm the tin works of art will be judged, prizes will be awarded, and then the cans will be auctioned off, with proceeds going towards art therapy programs at British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital. For more information visit www.granvilleislandferries.bc.ca. (Paragraph borrowed from the Granville Island website)

The weather was definitely not on our side as the strong winds blew the rain in sideways under our tent canopy. In the end there were about 14 of us Artists that toughed out the miserable weather. Unfortunately these lowers the amount raised in the auction by a great deal. On sunny days, we can have 50+ people outside bidding on the cans, yesterday there were about 12 people bidding as they hid underneath a 10 foot squared pop-up canopy tent. Most of the cans sold for under $100 each, when they usually go for well over $300 each.

I love the end result of my can even though the rainy weather kept me from adding my steampunk cog stencil images, etc as planned.  She looks more like a Frankenstein Disco Mama with a fancy for masks and glitter. The “Fifty Shades of Grey” elements are quite subtle, as it is an event for Children’s Hospital.           ^_^

About half way through the 3 hour contest, the tent above me began to leak and my wonderful husband stepped up with our own umbrella in hand and held it above me. Thanks honey!   xoxoxo

My good friend Stella (from Australia) won the bid for my art can and made a lovely donation to our Children’s Hospital charity. Thank you Stella!!!      <3

This was my 5th year attending. Here are some past pics from this contest: CLICK HERE