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Nov 16 & 17


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Where’s the THREAD?!

2013-10-12-IMG_6648 2013-10-12-IMG_6649 2013-10-12-IMG_6650Well, I did it!  I cut apart one of my hand painted denim jackets… and it actually felt good. For a few hours over the past two days I have been working on this new Messenger bag, only to realize that while I thought I was closing in on the finish line late last night (watching SNL) …. and was SEW in the zone of creation, that I did not realize I was trying to sew without thread.  UGH, what a time to run out. My large spool of thread was completely bare and all that was staring back at me was the very white plastic spool.

I guess I will be visiting the local Walz-mart today since the fabric store in White Rock is closed on a Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends & family!


SEW adorable messenger bags!

Look what I have been creating this week…. well yesterday anyways. I made both of these bags on Thursday and can’t wait to make some more ……. smiles!

What do you think so far?

My creative CLUTTER:

Yesterday…my hair, Today…. my life!

For those of you that have followed me over the years, you may have read this resolution from me before today.  However, I do that feel that I was this determined back then.

NEW hair colours as of yesterday

NEW hair colours as of yesterday

In the past I was curious, …… if my body changed…would my art?  This is still interesting to me. However, now I don’t give a damn how it may change my art. Although, I would like to think that I will be happier and therefore my art work will most likely improve.

I have fears, as do many. One of my big fears is of losing weight. Don’t get me wrong, I have legitimate weight to lose (actually more than I thought).

– What if we find a major health issue after I have lost the weight. Will I find a lump that has been hiding? My Dad passed away from cancer at the age of 48 (although he was skinny then and it started out as skin cancer).

– Will I look ‘old’. I am currently 43 and many people always say they are shocked and that they thought I was in my late 20’s. Thanks, but I may end up with horrible saggy wrinkles after this life changing adventure…. then again, maybe not.

– What if I turn out not to be the funky fun’n’sexy image that I have perceived myself of these last 15 + years?

I know these are mostly very silly, but in all honesty, they have actually kept me from trying as hard as I can to lose this baggage of fat. According to my W.W. weigh in this morning, I have a lovely 87.4 lbs to lose… at the minimum to have a healthy BMI.

So, ….. I have completely had enough! I want to look good, I want to feel good, and dammit I want to be considered sexy!

This morning when I went to my first weight watchers meeting in about 15 years and they weighed me in, I actually weighed in 20lbs more that what I had thought I was (judging by the last time I weighed myself in at home a few months ago).

I will not give myself a time line or an event to work towards, as this has also helped de-rail me in the past. This will be an adventure. A lifetime adventure. One I am sure I will have a HUGE love/hate relationship with.

My inspiration……

  • Bob Harper
  • My imaginary film crew that is documenting my eating habits
  • Duran, my wonderful son and my close family & friend supporting crew
  • and ME! I love me, but now I would love to appreciate the physical me as well.

If you are on a similar journey, please feel free to join me by leaving me a comment below my posts.

Here’s to a happy creative ME! Here we GO!



Fifty Shades with a hint of Steampunk

Yesterday was the 27th annual Granville Island Garbage Can Contest.

Launched in 1986 by the late George McInnis, founder of Granville Island Ferries, as a fundraiser for the British Columbia Children’s Hospital the Annual Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction is carried on each fall by his son Dave and the enthusiastic staff of Granville Island Ferries.  On Sunday, September 22, twenty-five artists will take part in three hours of creative madness, turning plain metal cans into works of art. The auction will be hosted by renowned Granville Island Ferry skipper and broadcasting personality Ian Wood. From 2pm to 2:30pm the tin works of art will be judged, prizes will be awarded, and then the cans will be auctioned off, with proceeds going towards art therapy programs at British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital. For more information visit (Paragraph borrowed from the Granville Island website)

The weather was definitely not on our side as the strong winds blew the rain in sideways under our tent canopy. In the end there were about 14 of us Artists that toughed out the miserable weather. Unfortunately these lowers the amount raised in the auction by a great deal. On sunny days, we can have 50+ people outside bidding on the cans, yesterday there were about 12 people bidding as they hid underneath a 10 foot squared pop-up canopy tent. Most of the cans sold for under $100 each, when they usually go for well over $300 each.

I love the end result of my can even though the rainy weather kept me from adding my steampunk cog stencil images, etc as planned.  She looks more like a Frankenstein Disco Mama with a fancy for masks and glitter. The “Fifty Shades of Grey” elements are quite subtle, as it is an event for Children’s Hospital.           ^_^

About half way through the 3 hour contest, the tent above me began to leak and my wonderful husband stepped up with our own umbrella in hand and held it above me. Thanks honey!   xoxoxo

My good friend Stella (from Australia) won the bid for my art can and made a lovely donation to our Children’s Hospital charity. Thank you Stella!!!      <3

This was my 5th year attending. Here are some past pics from this contest: CLICK HERE

Oh Jime, you are soooo fine…

Look at this very lovely treat (an original sketch) that arrived at my door last Friday. I was sooooo happy and very surprised!
Thank you Jime Litwalk!!!!! You must be part psychic, my friend. How did you know my brother is a Fireman?
Now you have a place on our wall as well as on my arms. ..

Keep up the great work on Ink Master 2013, we are so proud of you and in still in awe of your fabulous talent.

NEW Wrist-lets….. just for you!

Here is a quick sneak peak of a few trinkets you will be able to purchase this coming Saturday at my Art Studio OPEN HOUSE!!

My friend Jai sewed these for me, as I was having a bit of trouble getting used to sewing in the zippers… lol.    As a thank you gift, Jai, you get first pick!  If you cannot make it on Saturday, I can drop it off for you.

I hope many of you can make it to the OPEN HOUSE. I will post a sneak peak reminder every day this week.

Creating Acrylic Stamps

Having a great day with my good friend Jeni. We are making acrylic stamps from our own artwork. So much fun!

We found that when printing the negative images out on the computer printer the black negative space was not dark enough for the stamps to work correctly. Jeni had the ingenious idea of placing two negatives together and then tape the edges so that they do not slide apart while processing. This succeeded in making the black negative space much more saturated…. and SUCCESS! It worked!

We did however unfortunately waste a few stamp gel packs working out the kinks, but are now quite happy with the results. We just wish that the stamps themselves were thicker, as the areas on my girls faces that are not raised for stamping (i.e. the skin) was so thin that it ripped on my curly haired girl.    🙁

With my second stamp, the girl’s face with no hair, the lines are great, however in her flesh area, there is absolutely no acrylic left. If it was not for the plastic backing that was supposed to be peeled off upon completion, I would just have a bunch of separated facial features… which could also be fun in their own way. Therefore we glued the stamp with its plastic backing still in place to an acrylic block. Not the cheapest solution, but our tool handy men are out for the day and not here cutting wood blocks upon our whimsical  requests … lol.

The Stampmaker is from Teresa Collins creative line of products.  If you are looking to make some stamps of your own, you can currently purchase a supply kit off of Amazon.

Keep in mind that acrylic stamps do not have a long life span, but you can still have a great deal of fun with them. For me, this is a fabulous way to test out a few of my art designs and see which ones I will have made into wood mounted rubber stamps this Fall.

So far, I love the idea of creating girls heads and faces, which then you can design the hair, bodies etc or even use them in college images from magazines. Imagine taking a class from great Artists,  such as Christy Tomlinson (, and using one of my stamps for the face!   So many ideas!!!   Leave a comment and let me know what you think.