Dancing Duran takes GOLD!

So very proud of my young Man!

Overall awards won at Dance Power:

  1. JAZZ Large Group 9/10years (Div II) “The Tribe”: GOLD medals, 2nd place
  2. Novelty SOLO 9/10 years (Div II) “Adolpho”: GOLD medal, 1st place, special Judge award for ‘Shining Star’.
  3. Novelty DUO 9/10 years (Div II) “I Can’t Dance” with Jayda: GOLD medals, first place
  4. TAP Large Group 9/10 years (Div II) “Footloose”: SILVER medals
  5. NOVELTY Large Group 9 years (Div II) “Song Birds”: GOLD

(action stage photos taken by GTFX.ca)

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