What’s new with you?

Hi All,

Well it looks like Summer has finally decided to visit us here in beautiful British Columbia. We now have more rays of sunshine compared to the continuous sprinkler left turned on up in the clouds. (tee hee)

I thought I would share a few photos of my latest artwork pieces with you today. As I upload the pics, it seems I have an attraction to blue hair at the moment (lol).

In these photos you will see a canvas curtain I am currently working on for our en-suite bathroom, a denim jacket I painted for one of Duran’s 7 year old classmates & a piece of hard wood flooring taken from our local historic White Rock train station building. The floor pieces are 98 years old and will be collected from local residents, who have paid their $10 donation, to leave their mark/message on a permanent wall display. This original flooring display will be put in place this year in the newly renovated heritage building. I cannot wait to see the final results.

Keep smiling and creating,


One thought on “What’s new with you?

  1. Nice stuff!!! Blue hair is cool. I’m going to take my new baby, a new sewing machine out of the box in a little while. I’m very excited to play with my new toy.

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