Through rain, wind, snow and sleet…

okay, maybe not snow and sleet, but it sure was cold!

Today was the 25th annual Granville Island Ferry Garbage Can Contest. I think it may have been the most challenging of weather conditions in the last 11 years or so. Finger tips were frozen, Artists were shaking as they tried to create and we all managed to push though.

It is, after all, for a fantastic cause. All proceeds and money raised at the auction goes towards the art therapy program at BC Children’s Hospital.

Here are a few pics for you to enjoy!

My popcorn themed can was inspired by some fantastic new packaging products at Essential Packaging in Surrey, BC. Cheryl from Essential was a great help this week when I popped into their shop explaining my creative plan. She turned me on to the right free font for my popcorn letters and lent me the tool for cutting the perfect circles.

My can ended up being sold at auction for $110.00. Oops, it was hard to hear through all the rain and chatter. It actually sold for $130. Yeah! Thanks Peter!

Keep smiling and creating,


7 thoughts on “Through rain, wind, snow and sleet…

  1. Au contraire, it sold for $130! How do I know?? ‘Cause I WON it! Future plans? Pop some popcorn, fill the tub & watch some old movies.

  2. Willowing & Friends sista! love your art! I am very happy to have found your blog. I will visit often. love&light Debi aka prudence puddleduck

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