The Merry Christmas CONTEST!…..

The first person to correctly answer the question I post in 5 minutes in my BLOG will win a holiday selection of my greeting card line (3 cards)…….you ready?

QUESTION: Name 3 Community Events I took part in this year? FYI: Craft Markets do not count in this contest. Please leave your comment below & GOOD LUCK!

HINT: take a look here…

5 thoughts on “The Merry Christmas CONTEST!…..

  1. Gift bag item and auction donation for the Nite of Hope in White Rock for Breast Cancer.

    Donated art for the Spiral Dance Company Soiree

    Taught a free smudge art class at a local Elementary School

  2. Amber, congrats! I’ll bring you something special in the new year!
    Since it was called a ‘community’ market… I guess it counts after all, Merry Christmas!!!

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