My latest commissioned painting

When Ron contacted me and asked me to create a painting for my friend Marcie, I was so excited!  Marci had unfortunately lost her wonderful dog, Andi-Girl, earlier in the year.  He wanted to know if I could showcase the two of them together. What a challenge that presented.  This is only the second time I have ever tried tried to paint a dog. The last time was about 20 years ago. Talk about stress… ha ha. I was soooo stressed. I wanted to make sure I did Andi-Girl justice.

When the painting was finally completed, I put it up on display on our window ledge. Our little dog Ella started growling and barking at the painting (see the last photo). I felt so much better. If I had made Andi-Girl look real enough for our dog to react in the way she did… I must have succeeded. Yeah, It was time to let Ron know that the painting was definitely ready for pick up. lol

Here are a few pictures to show you the process I went through.

Keep smiling and creating!


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