Moving onward and upward…

Yes, it is true the Art Studio (Glitzy Gal 1) along with my home is now up for sale! The listing should be up on on Monday. Once it is showing their I will give you the link. As for now, you can view some photos of our townhouse either on Facebook or FLICKr. bedroom

It has been such a wonderful home. Not a neighbour to complain about or any problems with the complex. Even the Strata board has been great.

It is just time to get our son a yard to play in and a studio area to properly teach out of  have art parties … and have ample parking for everyone.

livingroomI am sad and excited at the same time. Actually I began crying right after the Realtors left our home Thursday afternoon and the papers had been signed. It’s our sons first home, how could we not be attached? Thank goodness my camera decided to start working again for me. I think I took a picture of every room, every nook and cranny yesterday to document it.bedroom-2

Well I have to head off to take a drive around and look at the homes near here that are in our price range.

Wish us luck!


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