Finding my niche…

I have been having heart to heart talks with quite a few friends as of late due to what is going on in their personal lives ( be it illness, loss or stress, etc).

After searching for my own path, I think it finally became clear to me late last night. Looking back now, I think I have always been on this path, even as a young child.

With much encouragement from my husband, I left my part-time day job last November. Since then I have put my focus and heart into working on our first “Into the heART ~ Art Retreat”, which takes place this coming September.

However, I felt that I was still not quite seeing the big picture of what it was I am wanting to create. Yes, I want to bring all these wonderfully creative ‘Outside the Box’ people to my corner of the world to share in their talents, laughter & experiences, but I want more! I want to effect people in a positive way.

In the last few weeks I have also found that I have been criss-crossing online paths with many Artists and a few open hearted people like Leonie Dawson (aka Goddess Leonie), & Vivienne McMaster. I have been playing over many of my conversations as of late in my crazy busy brain, especially late at night (i.e. = little sleep).

Then last night PING! I felt like Bill Murray at the end of the movie ‘Scrooged’. I wanted to shout out “I get it, I get it now!”. I want to help people through art and I can! Hello, EPIPHANY!!!

WIP affirmation cards by Nicci

WIP affirmation cards by Nicci

I am starting with what was going to be printable Valentine’s Day cards. These will be positive affirmation cards which you can print off, cut out and carry around in your purse/wallet. I will also offer them as a epub, so that you can scroll through them on your smart phones and e-readers. They will be available by the end of this week & I hope you LOVE them and that they make you smile.

4 thoughts on “Finding my niche…

  1. Great idea! After going to the Gathering of Artisans conference in September I realized what God was calling me to do. I attended a class that I originally did not want to participate in because it was called Prayer, Worship and Prophetic art. Scary sounding. Well, after going in there I knew this is what God wanted be to hear. Painting during worship is awesome whether at home or in church. I now have to talk with my pastor about being a part of this new move of God for artists. It has become a worldwide move. I am so happy that you too have had a revelation for where you fit into the world of art. My prayer for you is that you inspire those around you with your talent while defining their own talents.

  2. Fun – Can’t wait to see them. I forgot about Vivienne McMaster when you asked for photographers. She is great. I don’t know her but follow her work from a distance. And she is in Vancouver!

  3. Hi Nicci,

    Isn’t it great when you get that aha moment? I remember that part in “Scrooged” too!
    So glad you found what you are looking for!

    Love, Violette

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