Hi Everyone,

Tonight we had the pleasure of using the birthday gift I gave my hubby this year to go on a Date Night. We saw the “live” stage show of the ‘Price Is Right‘ at our local River Rock Casino Theatre in Richmond, BC.

When I bought him the tickets (March 2012), no host name was provided and I assumed Drew Carey would be the fun host. Ha ha ha…. never assume folks, never assume. Our wonderful host tonight was the well known rock em sock em host ‘Jerry Springer‘ reading off cue cards as he was not completely sure how each game was run. Add to that the belligerent drunks that kept running out to the bar for more drinks and yelling obsenities at the people on stage or just talking loudly visiting with their neighbour….well that is what I call quality entertainment….not!

We did not win anything, but at least my husband was a good sport and we managed to have some fun.

Hope you like the pics. 15 years and I plan to keep him forever. Love you babe!

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