Challenge #1 ~ Day after Day

01 Oct 2014 mailboxImagine that you have been delivering mail door to door, house to house year after year. Seeing one bland, plain, boring mailbox after another bland, plain, boring mailbox.

Now picture yourself as the homeowner, picking up your mail day after day from your very own bland, plain, boring old mailbox.

What if you could decorate your mailbox in any way you wish?

Decoupage!      Paint!      Glitter!

01 Oct 2014 mailbox 2 01 Oct 2014 mailbox 3

Sketch your mailbox (or dream mailbox, if you do not have one) and let your creativity wander….

What type of mailbox decor would make you smile ear to ear?

Now, go ahead, and  decorate your journal page mailbox!

I kept my journal page a bit less detailed this time and was inspired by The Little Shop of Horrors movie !01-Oct-2014-IMG_1654Here is a LINK to a blog post about when I painted my actual mailbox back in 2010! CLICK HEREcover-IMG_1657

Happy Creating!!!

7 thoughts on “Challenge #1 ~ Day after Day

  1. Oh this is a good one!!! Literally thinking outside the box!!!!! Luv it!! Thank you:)

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