ARTFEST is in progress!!

Loving it in Port Townsend, but sure miss my family!  xox

Today’s class was “Dolls & Dudes” with Michelle Allen. AWESOME!

Here are a few quick pics! I will write more details when I am back home next week.

keep smiling & creating,


8 thoughts on “ARTFEST is in progress!!

  1. Wow – looks like you had a great time in Michelle’s class! Love your lady! Port Townsend is such a cool place – i miss it!

    Love, violette

  2. Lulu, Michelle is such a fantastic lady! I had a blast in her class and just hanging out in dorm 225 late at night. What a weekend!!!
    P.S. I loooove your dolls. I was just visiting your blog…. so much fun!

  3. Violette, I wish you could have come with me. Now I understand what you and Sandra Tice have been raving about for all these years. It was definitely an experience not to be missed for any creative spirit.
    We really need to get to work on our “Westcoast Wonderland” event.

  4. Jeni,
    We laughed so much every day. You would have had such a great time, but being away from cute little Doris for that long would have been very hard on you. Duran is 8 & I almost came home Saturday right after class because I missed him soooo much. It made it worse when I phoned home and he was so upset telling me how much he missed me and wanted to know when I was coming home. My ‘new’ art family members talked me into staying telling me that they all went through the same thing their first year and that I really did not want to miss out on the final night. Boy, were they right! I had even phoned Marco at 6pm & he told me told me to stay and have fun.

  5. it was so awesome to get to know you and hang with you! you are crazy fun and talented. thank you for taking my class and being such a rock star. looking forward to years of ART-ing with you. 🙂

  6. Thanks Michelle. You are so much fun! I plan to update my blog post and put proper links etc on it tonight. Access was so limited there, plus it was not secured, so I did not spend very much time online.
    FYI: My son, Duran, LOVES his “paparazzi mouse”. I’ll take a picture of him holding it for you.

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