21 Secrets – Art Journal Artists Celebrating their secrets!!!

Candy wrappers make great jewelry and clothing embellishments for the Glitzy Galz that adorn my art journals. I have actually bought a candy (even a bottle of wine … tee hee) just so that I could have the wrapper or label to use in my artwork.

photo by Jeni Stafford

What secret do you have that might be out of the norm?

Share them here and make sure you sign up for the 21 secrets course! There are some fantastic Artists sharing their tricks of the trade, etc.

keep smiling and creating!


2 thoughts on “21 Secrets – Art Journal Artists Celebrating their secrets!!!

  1. Many people use distress ink pads to get watercolor effects by rubbing the pad on a non-stick surface and picking up the colour with a brush. I actually rub ink all over the paper and then “paint” on the colour with just water. I LOVE the fact that the water-painted image takes time to reveal itself. I have also stamped into the coloured paper with just water and it slowly reveals a subtle image.

  2. I’ve got a great one-I’m a bit of an obsessive art journaller, I don’t do traditional journals anymore, and what I do is go to the thrift stores, and find smallish coffee table size books, and buy them-they’re usually like a buck or two, and then I mess them up, really mess them up. The ones I prefer have big ol’ tacky illustrations in them. Paint, lot’s of paint, almost anything I can find that makes a mark. I use the original art as a starting point. My current fave is a three volume set of Life Magazine’s 1940’s edition of ‘The World we live In.’ Markers, pens, india ink, glue and stuff from other old junk, it all goes in there. They don’t have to be in colour, all they really need is some pictures here and there. If i had a scanner, I’d scan a few pages. Someday.

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