It’s a BLOG HOP kinda day!

The lovely Rita Seed of the Artful Tribe asked me to partake in her BLOG HOP. artful tribe blog hop sep 5It is an itty bitty small one, but let’s see what juicy Artists she would like to introduce you to…

Not what we had expected…

2014-08-31-A-12.24.19-PNEOur day began with big plans, as the week prior I had won a great prize package for the PNE from Breakfast Television Vancouver.

The prize package included a $16 parking pass, 4 entry passes (worth $16.00  each), and 4 all day ride passes (worth $42.75 each). We were so excited!

Our son had asked a friend to join us for the day. We left home at 10am and headed out on our 45 minute drive into Vancouver, BC. Parked in the specified lot, joined the line to enter into the fair grounds, handed in our ride passes for our hand stamps and headed off towards the well known 2014-08-31-B-12.20.09-PNE-coaand well loved 1958 wooden roller-coaster. On the way to the coaster we all took a spin on an old favorite, the Music Express. Otherwise known as the “do you want to go faster?” ride.

His friend chose to sit out on the roller coaster ride, so I kept her company while the boys took their inaugural ride. From there, we looked at a few mid-way rides, then headed towards the Corkscrew roller-coaster, which was first unveiled at Expo 86.


2014-08-31-C-12.20.16-PNE-coaAfter the Corkscrew ride we looked at a few other mid-way games, as we headed down to the Rib-fest area to get a bit of lunch and some water to drink. Master D asked for some mini-donuts, but we said to wait until after we eat lunch.

2014-08-31-13.11.41-PNE-bbqWe selected our food vendor and joined in the line up of about 25-30 people. Everyone was hungry. After a few minutes Master D looked a bit tired, then advised us that he wasn’t hungry after all. We said that he could have some of ours. We were talking and then Master D leaned in to me, as if to cuddle. He soon advised me that he felt a bit dizzy and wanted to sit down. There was an occupied bench about 30-40 feet away from us through a crowd of people, but there was enough space for him to sit down. As Marco & Master D’s friend stayed in line to get our lunch, I started walking Master D to the bench. Once we were out of Marco’s line of sight, Master D just started to melt towards the ground. I was trying my best to hold him under his arms and get him closer to the bench, but he pretty much became a rag doll.

A couple of adult gentlemen assisted me in getting him to the bench. We had the people move so that we could lay him down. He was only completely out for a few seconds. Some nice people brought us bottles of cold water to try and help. First Aid was called. Once they arrived, they began running tests on him, then soon called immediately for a wheelchair. After about 20 mins he was in the wheelchair with oxygen being administered and being rushed to the first aid building, which was all the way back behind the first roller coaster. While there (for about 30-45 minutes) they ran many tests and then called for Alpha, which I now know means an ambulance.

2014-08-31-D-18.39.27When the Ambulance attendants arrived, they ran more tests and then advised us that they were taking him to BC Children’s Hospital. I rode along in the ambulance, while Marco & Master D’s friend followed in our car.

Master D was taken to a room within minutes of arrival and we had to wait out in the Emergency waiting area for about 20 mins. After Master D’s friend’s parents arrived to pick her up, all three of us were in room 11 together. Master D had many tests throughout the day, was hooked up to an I.V. for saline solution and had heart monitors, etc attached to his fingers and chest. Around 10 pm, they ran some chest x-rays, which looked good.  2014-08-31-E-18.39.39

By 11:15pm, his heart rate was much closer to normal (a bit high though) and his blood pressure was still lower than normal. The Doctor decided that he was responding much better and since his BP & heart rate were closer to normal, we could take him home.

2014-08-31-F-22.20.57He is seeming much better today, but we plan to go purchase a bp machine tomorrow so that we can keep a better eye on him (as the Doctor advised).  Thank goodness it has all turned out okay.

We would like to express our very deepest THANK YOUs to everyone that helped Master D yesterday, as well as to everyone that kept checking in with us to see how he was doing throughout  the adventure.  Plus THANK YOU so much Breakfast Television for the prize package. Hopefully next time we can make better use of the prize…lol.

2014-09-01-G-00.00.39At the last few seconds before the Corksrew ride began, Master D asked to get off, but we told him he would be fine & we went ahead with the ride. The medical staff is inconclusive as to why he passed out or why his rates were so off, but we have now sworn to always listen even when it seems trivial.

These were not the Carnival Fairground pics I thought I would be sharing with you today, but we did want to publicly thank those involved in his care. We hope you all had a great Labour Day and wish you good health and happiness in your own families.

What are you doing Sept 20th ?


Favorite / Inspirational MOVIE Moments

When looking for creative inspiration, I sometime take a moment to relive some of my favorite movie moments. Today, I thought I would share a few with you:

(1) Duckie Dale dancing to Otis Redding in ‘Pretty In Pink

(2) “Oh, there you are Peter!” with Robin Williams in ‘Hook

(3) Obituary reading in ‘Serendipity‘ (time mark 1:15)

(4) The visit to the ART GALLERY in ‘Some Kind of Wonderful‘ (time mark 2:30)

(5)Before Sunrise‘ ~ Jessie asks Celine to get off the train and take a chance.

.. in no particular order :)

losing my cherry …

at the annual SEWING EXPO in Puyallup!2014-02-28-sewing-expo-7141

I found many wondrous goodies at the annual sewing expo in Washington Friday …. even some juicy CHERRY PIE fabric!2014-02-28-sewing-expo-7134

My good friend Satira was a trooper and drove us 3 hours in each direction to get us to the expo.  I am sure she slept in yesterday to make up for the lost energy after a long day. What a trooper!

Being a mixed media Artist and having never been to a sewing expo, I was not quite sure what to expect and if it would be worth the long trek. It was!  Not all booths grabbed my fancy, but the ones that did…. Oh My!

Some good ones that caught my eye were:

I would now LOVE to figure out how to get my art into embroidery programs like Loralie has done. What a great idea!

If I had had the extra money and no country borders to cross going home, I could have easily spent a few hundred $ there and hired a ‘bag boy’…lol.

We may have laughed earlier upon seeing the foot massage chairs at 9:30 in the am, but boy did they ever feel nice at 5:30pm! 2014-02-28-sewing-expo-IMG_2014-02-28-sewing-expo-7137  2014-02-28-sewing-expo-7143

Are you making dolls & art journaling in 2014?

It has been an interesting beginning of 2014 so far. SANY1101

SANY1108Of course we had the wonderful celebration last week, then the start of my 2014 planner journal, followed by being thrilled to see that Somerset mentioned our ART RETREAT in their latest issue of Somerset Studio, … then our hot water tank went on Friday and it cannot be replaced until next Wednesday (UGH), to yesterday where I visited Clarissa’s art studio with my Mom (pics below).

Here are a few quick pictures of the beginnings of my 2014 planner journal:

And now a visit to Clarissa’s art studio in Ferndale Washington:

Make sure you register by January 25th to join the fun experience of taking Clarissa’s and other fabulous Artists’ workshops at our Spring ‘Into the heART’ Art Retreat!


All SKILL levels welcome!


CLICK for WORKSHOP, accommodation & price info

NOTE:  REGISTRATION closes January 25th, 2014countdown-13

Stepping Stones

Welcome down the path into my new ART STUDIO.

It is still a work in progress, but it is a lovely project to have to work on…lol.

This studio space is smaller than the last, but will be more prominent and welcoming for guests at my next OPEN HOUSE (date T.B.A.).

As mentioned in my video shown above, My lovely Grandma Fran turned a young 90 today! We had a wonderful celebration for her last Saturday with over 100 guests!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Grandma!   xoxoxox

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Into the HeART Art Retreat Info:

All SKILL levels welcome!



SAVE YOUR SPACE!countdown-17

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The Documented Life
Life Book 2014
Leonie Dawson 2014 printable planners

Manifest your desires in 2014!

The countdown has begun!

2014 is almost upon us!badge-girl-2012-07-6x6

  • What do you hope for in the new year?
  • What goal(s) will you work hard towards achieving in 2014?


What I wish for you in 2014, is to:beanie-cruella-2012-07-6x4

  • have positive life experiences with friends and family.
  • feel cherished for who you are.
  • help those around you. It should always be about paying it forward, shouldn’t it?
  • shine, we want you to SHINE!
  • laugh, giggle and guffaw to your heart’s content.
  • know that making a few mistakes is okay.
  • feel free to dance in the grocery store isles.
  • that a good cry can clear your emotions for a fresh start.
  • cover your hands in paint at least once a week in creative bliss.
  • find glitter on your nose when you look in the mirror.
  • feel free and add a fun streak of color in your hair. Do not wish for it any more, just do it already…lol.
  • feel empowered enough to wear fun’n’funky socks!
  • enjoy the freedom of just letting go! Let go of what worries you, let go of what keeps you up at night, let go of holding yourself back (even if it is just for a few hours/days each week). Your soul will thank you.
  • take time for you! By making yourself happy & healthy. You will then be a better you to share with those you love and cherish.

press-2012-07-4x6I hope your journey will include a short side trip, so that you may enjoy the warm spirits that await you at the ‘Into the heART’ retreat in Harrison Hot Springs May 22-25, 2014.

You will leave us feeling empowered, cherished and looking forward to your next life adventure.