Yes, it’s CUPCAKE DAY!

Hi all,

I have declared Thursday March 26th as CUPCAKE DAY! Come on by the studio for a hot cup of java, a yummy cupcake treat and a tour of my studio to see my latest works! (2678 King George Hwy, unit #45, Surrey, BC)


I am currently in week two of a 6 week online art lesson entitled “World of Whimsy’, which is being put on by the lovely Tamara Laporte in the UK. She is very talented and absolutely lovely! Here is a sampling of the homework I created last night in my art journal (make sure you are sitting down, as seeing two eyes in my artwork may make you fall over. Ha ha)

Well, I had better head down to the studio to get it all re-organized in time for March 26th’s CUPCAKE DAY ! (6:30pm-8:30pm). As I have a few art adventures planned between now and then.

Inspired by Tamara Laporte

Inspired by Tamara Laporte

See you then!

Keep smiling and creating!


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  1. Hi Nicci! I wanna cupcake…! Well, i wish i could come see you guys, but I don’t have car. I a m renting one to get back East and only have it for a week.I a m so bummed I didn’t get t osee you while here!

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