Yeah Yeah YEAH! It’s 2009, Baby!

So far… I have no complaints on the new year, Woo hoo!

… in no particular order:….

School Girl aka "Hard Nox"

#1: My studio did not flood during the heavy snow melt and one month of rain in 48 hours! Awesome & thank you!

#2: My family is all happy and relatively healthy!

#3: I spent a wonderful hour this morning with some old friends that were part of the now defunct art group ’11’. Wish I had brought my camera though!

#4: In the mail today I rcvd two complimentary tickets (from Blue Olive Photography) to ‘Indie I do‘, which is Vancouver’s First Alternative Wedding Show. I am so excited to see what is out there right now and to take in some event organizing tips by walking through and experiencing the show. (No, I am happily married now for over 11 years, thank you very much).

#5: I just rcvd my prints from my local print show, which I now have to personalize with glitter, jewels and other funky little extras, before I send them off to be inserted into a limited edition CHUNKY BOOK!

#6: I have my fun’n’funky scarf all laid out design wise waiting for me to get up enough nerve to try my hand at the sewing machine all by my lonesome little self. The deadline for sending it out to that in which it is intended for (1st Annual Facebook Handmade Scarf Exchange!) is Jan 15th, so I really need to jump in soon!

#7: I just heard from the Event Manager for the upcoming West Coast Tattoo Show, which is taking place on April 17 to 19, 2009 at the Abbotsford Tradex, the ‘IT’ venue for large shows these days.  I will be recieving a copy of the contract tomorrow for my 10′ x 10′ corner Vendor space, which will be located near the main stage & beer garden!!!! Thank you    Thank you    Thank you! I am soooo excited! This should prove to be a high traffic area. Hope to see you there! (FACEBOOK event LINK)

Have a great day!

Keep smiling and Creating!


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