When is a slump a slump?

I felt like I was in a creative slump, a drought, if you will.

Since I have been confirmed my vendor space at the upcoming West Coast Tattoo Show, I have been trying to think/create versions of my ‘Girlz’ that will attract the guests/customers of this focused event. I think it has taken me right up until this point to realize that ‘yes’ I can push myself in new ways, but in no way do I need to conform.

I have spent my life fighting against those who would have me conform and be what they want, not who I am … now I actually had it in my head that I need to push the edginess in my work to please the other side of the spectrum. Odd hey?

It has actually taken me until last fall to go ahead and dare to draw and paint a nude series of work. But when you really think about it, you must know the true body form, before you can draw clothes on top of it. Is this a sign of how uptight our society is? That we feel as though we must warn young audiences that there may be a nude image somewhere in our portfolio of work? Why?

Okay, I am still a bit of a prude and do not want to see any genitalia in my work or in the shows I organize, but breasts and bums …. why the heck not?

This so called ‘slump’ I have felt to be in is maybe coming from my inner censor, trying to please and hoping not to offend the public and even my own Mother.

How does one push forward and break through the wall of clouded plastic wrap?

I guess you just do it and shout “What the Hell!… this is my life too!”

This is also a reason as to why I have been lacking in blog posts as of late. I have been doing more nudes, but thought this was not the place to show them, as I know I have young fans out there. However, our young man is 5 and he loves my work and sees absolutely no offense in it. He actually asks why I have taken a certain painting down when people come over.  FYI: It is actually put away on a shelf right now, but it will be front and center at the Tattoo Show in April, so please come on by and have a look.

Appreciate the beauty in the world, keep creating and for gosh sakes.. keep smiling.


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  1. Oh Nicci, this is a post I can SO relate too!
    I get through slumps on the belief that they are God’s little way of giving my ever turbulent and busy creative mind a break, a recharge!
    Surely you will emerge from the slump with a renewed sense of creativity and productivity.
    And as for the nudes you could share them with a link and a notice that they contain nudity.
    Have you ever seen Shano’s art? Here’s a link to her site, and she’s on Flickr too. I think you’ll like her:

  2. Hi Nicci,

    I totally understand what you are saying. I really like your nude girl and – no…..she is not at all offensive. This is a great new direction for you….i even noticed a shift in the face of the girl! Great.

    Love, violette

  3. Nicci, when you take about not wanting to conform and then about “I have been trying to think/create versions of my ‘Girlz’ that will attract the guests/customers of this focused event.” And then coming to accept the nudes…
    make me think maybe the girls have become a bit of a straightjacket for you. The photo shows a unicorn–and one I love. Maybe you should let the girlz rest a bit.

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