Tired, frustrated and teary eyed…

Fairy Gal by Nicci

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Inside I am like a whirlwind. I have so much to do, life is throwing me curve balls and I have just been told that I am apparently beginning to enter the wonderful world (total sarcasm) of menopause.

Where’s my gin and tonic people! … and while your at it, can you pretty please rub my feet?

I feel like I am on the cusp of coming into my own in terms of art. On the other hand … I think I am crossing a bit over into the world of mid-life crisis … or then again, maybe its just my hormones.

I am busy organizing events (ie: Creative Finds Market, Craft-in gatherings, Glitter Power Sisters gathering here in June, fund raising for my son’s school, etc). I am also working on donation pieces (bras for a cause and an art necklace for ‘Women in Film’), creating paintings in which to get prints made of and also for future pendants & belt buckles. On top of all that they are now in the process of possibly closing the school, which is right in front of our home and which in turn could make our property value plummet depending on what they build in its place. I love to organize cheerful events (ie: craft fairs, craft-in ladies nights and GPS gatherings), but to try and rally our neighbours to vote in and fight for a positive future on the land in front of our home sounds quite stressful to me.

Painting is my outlet & I am heading back to it, but really if someone could clean my floors for me and rub my feet … I would feel so much better.

FYI: Prints are now available of the image seen in this posting. CLICK HERE to purchase.

Creative love to you all …. as I head off to follow my own instructions, “Keep Smiling and creating”!


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