The Winter blahs are over… time to step through the SECRET Garden Door!

Good Morning Sunshine!…..okay…well soon anyways,

In an strong attempt to encourage Spring to arrive with all its beauty and colour, I took a bit of time out the other day to decorate a toss-away door.

Instead of letting someone haul it to the dump, I asked if I could keep it. It has spent the last West Coast Canadian Winter on our back porch waiting for the sun and some inspiration to arrive. With working full tilt on creating the up-coming ‘Into the heART’ Art Retreats, I have done very little artwork creation and have ended up in a HUGE dry spell. Many times when this happens with me, I always attack a huge project (or two) and then the juices begin to flow again. Well, that is what this door ended up being, as oasis in my dry spell.

I approached the door with no restrictions or reservations. It could be whatever it desired to be. I wanted to try new styles, which I have seen other Artists playing with lately. Now, after a few coats of varnish, I just need to weed (a lot) and wait for all the vines and flowers to fill in for the summer to make my funky & lovely ‘Bowling Pin Sally’ feel more at home…lol.

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