Still breathing and creating

Hi Everyone,

This summer sure has been a hectic one! Spur of the moment moving is not on my list of favorites (ha ha). Prepping a house for selling (April 18th), listing the house (May 1st), selling (May 27th), house hunting, packing, purchasing, moving (July 25), unpacking, painting like crazy and a house warming party all taking place from mid April until Aug 29th ….now that’s just crazy! Here are a few pics to show where we are with the inside of the house so far. (Pictures of the house from before we moved in can be seen in this posting link. CLICK HERE)

We have taken a break from painting in the house, as our bodies were screaming at us. My hands are almost back to normal. Fingers are no longer tingling, Yeah! And I think Marco is also a little less sore. I think next weekend we will start doing some more work, as once it is all done then we can actually focus on the other parts of our lives.

My art studio is still only a 3rd put together and I need to finish that this week for my sanity alone. I have soooo much work to do getting ready for holiday craft shows, revamping my main shows website ( etc.  We are making the shows website more professional and interactive. We even hope to have live updates from the show and be able to announce hourly specials from certain vendors that wish to participate.

Creative Finds Art and Fine Craft Marketplace …. Hubby wants to take over the computer to work on the webiste, so I had better not deny him access. Check back Wednesday for some glimpses into my art journal.

Keep smiling and creating,


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