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Violette's Organizational Calendar

As many of you out there in cyberland know, I have a wonderful Artist friend in which I share the same birthday.  She is currently organizing her home and her life.

When I visited her blog the other day I was excited and a little shocked to see that my planned ‘tea’ visit had been scheduled. She had a photo on her post of her new calendar in which I had been slotted in on Wednesday for tea from 10am until 11:15 am.

I began to wonder, will she kick me out the front door at 11:15:59 seconds???

I knew that she wouldn’t, It just seemed rather odd to see myself slotted in to have a visit (lol). Upon seeing her calendar in person, I fell in love with it! What a great way to keep our wandering selves inline with when to create, when to promote ourselves… oh, yes, and when to live. Plus you get to decorate each weekly page.

Violette’s Creativity Uncluttered Calendar has 52 pages in it. One for each week of the year! All that is written on each page is the day of the week. That way when you decorate your weekly page you can add in the month and number the corresponding days. She is sooooo smart!

The second stop after having tea with Violette, I walked into our neighborhood Staples with her long funky template in hand and ordered a copy to be made up for myself (actually I ordered two… tee hee). I cannot wait!

As for my

Art & Fine Craft Markets

this Holiday Season…

Groovy Glass Girl

The first show, CREATIVE FINDS, was wonderful. We had a great stream of traffic all day and the vendors and their products were just lovely! Next year will be the third annual and I plan to make it a two day event!

As for the second show, HOLIDAY SHOPPING AT SUNNYSIDE, we unfortunately did not take into consideration that all the local shopping ladies might just be heading across the Canada / USA border (which is only 5 minutes away) to take part in the U.S. Thanksgiving SALES. UGH!

Messy Kid Products

It is definitely a different experience to run a craft market at a school along with the schools Parent Advisory Committee (P.A.C.) compared to running a show at a rented hall with only myself to make all the decisions. I should have learned after organizing my 20 year high school reunion this year with a team of 5 other people. It is very stressful. I definitely like it a whole lot better being able to decide on my own what to spend on advertising, how to make the best use of my very wonderful volunteers and so forth.


All in all I have learned a lot and look forward to making the changes to improve what I can do to make Creative Finds one of he best shows around for both vendor/volunteer and customer alike.

I have posted a few photos from the Creative Finds show for you to take a peak at.

OH!!!! You are now able to post comments on my blog. YEAH!!!

Keep smiling and creating,


7 thoughts on “Sharing a fellow Gemini’s Creative Juices …

  1. Yeah now you can make comments!

    I think Violette should market the calendar!

    This year I recycled the back of a calendar
    and doodled on each month.

    God Bless You and Yours and Your Creative Life
    and Your Creative Find’s and Shopping Art/Craft Markets!!!

  2. WOOHOO!!! This is fantastic to be able to leave you a comment. Silly me I got so excited I didn’t even read your whole post. I will now though!
    You’ve been one busy artist my friend!!!
    Love and hugs,

  3. Hi Nicci, glad you liked the calendar. I enjoyed tea time with you!

    Thanks for posting the pic of me and my booth!

    Love, Violette

  4. Hey Nicci! Nice to be able to leave a comment just so you know you really DO get visitors! LOL I’ve always wished I could comment just so you’d know I was here. Congrats on your school craft market. I KNOW that was a lot of work. Last year I had to organize the outdoor art and craft festival for the art center where I work. We had 80 vendors, a food court and music. Way too much work!!!I have already started on this years festival which is not until April. Like I said….WAY TOO MUCH WORK!! Take care luv. I like it that your banner is your own artwork. xoxoxo

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