Okay, I’ll admit it….

There is one day this Winter that I am looking forward to more than others.  I am not a twenty something or a teenager. I am almost 40, but I think I must be almost obsessed. I was one of the biggest Anne Rice fans in Canada back in the late 80’s early 90’s and last year actually avoided reading ‘Twilight‘, as I believed that Stephenie Meyer was just trying to be the Anne Rice of these times. However, once my 12 year old niece lent me her book, I was a Bella junkie like the rest of them.

A page from my journal

A page from my journal

Maybe it was casting Tom Cruise as ‘Lestat‘ in ‘Interview with a Vampire‘ that caused a rift for me. Although ‘Queen of the Damned‘ out-shined the first movie beyond any measurement I can think of.

So far it seems that ‘New Moon‘ will do the same for ‘Twilight‘ . Twilight the movie did not hold up to the novel by any means, but in saying that, it has actually grown on me and I have watched it more than enough times. I do however keep going back to the novels. I have just finished reading the complete series two times now and am partway through my third adventure.

new moon official trailer 1+2+3 mashup (6 min!)

November 20th is ingrained in my mental calendar, although I hope to watch the movie, New Moon, without being surrounded by shrieking tweens and teenagers. Good luck with that, right?

Jacob is my favorite. He is almost a modern version of ‘Duckie Dale‘ from ‘Pretty in Pink‘ (another favorite movie of mine). I used to always go for the guy that was a bit of a misfit, slightly off-centre from the average Joe, … but then I am pretty much like that myself. Why should we follow the ‘norm’?

So, now that I have shared one of my little secret loves with you all, who wants to go to the movie with me?

Who would guess that I have always been in love with Vampires and their world by looking at my brightly coloured whimsical artwork, hey?

Keep smiling and creating!


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