Oct Art Journal Jam

We had a great day yesterday at our monthly Art Journal Jam, which is hosted by the lovely Violette, held at the warm and welcoming Good Day Sunshine Cafe on High Street.

Thanks to Satira who had the great idea of a sketch and pass. We each had 7 minutes to start a sketch and then pass our page to the person on our left, who then had 7 mins to add to it and so on until we all had a turn at each page.

Can you tell which one I started?

2013-10-22-IMG_6693 2013-10-22-IMG_6694 2013-10-22-IMG_6695 2013-10-22-IMG_6696 2013-10-22-IMG_6697 2013-10-22-IMG_6698 2013-10-22-IMG_6699 2013-10-22-IMG_6700 2013-10-22-IMG_6701 2013-10-22-IMG_6702 2013-10-22-IMG_6703 2013-10-22-IMG_6704 2013-10-22-IMG_6705 2013-10-22-IMG_6706 2013-10-22-IMG_6707 2013-10-22-IMG_6708 2013-10-22-IMG_6709Want to join a fun event where you can create and laugh for a few days?  Checkout our Spring 2014 ‘Into the heART’ Art Retreat!  (No experience necessary).

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6 Responses to Oct Art Journal Jam

  1. Oh this looks like so much fun! I need to drive up and join you all one of these days.

  2. nicci says:

    that would be fantastic Clarissa. We actually had three of your ‘neighbours’ with us yesterday. It is always a great ‘hands across the border’ event. :)

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  4. Joanne says:

    Thanks so much for posting the pictures…it was so much fun! So many laughs and a great way to get creative juices flowing again!

  5. nicci says:

    I know… I just loved this last meeting and cannot wait for the next one…lol

  6. Jeni says:

    Fun idea! I think I would be intimidated. All the more reason to do it!

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