Mental Brainstorming

Hi All,

Ever since I found out that I had my vendor space for the upcoming West Coast Tattoo Show in April, I have been mentally brainstorming regarding images to create for my limited addition print sales (first time EVER), necklace pendants with a tattoo theme, canvases (for the on site gallery), trendy funky handbags, broaches and my fresh and funky belt buckles.

I have been sitting back with the inside of my left brain swimming with ideas that I need to fine tune and get down on paper. I wanted to push myself and try something new. A new angle, different textures, maybe even incorporating sewing into the painted artwork itself.'Forever Cherrie'

Last night, I finally put pen and some ink to paper …. and ‘Forever Cherrie’ was the outcome! She is painted on a 13″ x 17″ sheet of heavy watercolour paper. I hope to work on her some more this evening after I get back home.

'Forever Cherrie'Right now I am getting ready to head out the door and experience “Indie I do“, which will hopefully also fuel my creativity, as there will be a variety of ‘alternative’ vendors including a Burlesque Performer.

Have a great day!

Keep smiling and creating!


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