Holiday Cookie/Bake Exchange

I have to bake some cookies for a Kindergarten Mom’s bake exchange this week. I have been totally stumped on what to make, as some recipes sounded really good, but nothing screamed ‘Yes, you are making me!‘, ….. until about ten minutes ago!

Lollipop Cookies!

Lollipop Cookies!

I put on the food network channel (I love that channel!) and a Paula Deen‘s show was on about Winter Cookie Exchanges and I saw the most awesome treat ever. It is the case of already knowing about something, but never coming up with the obvious way to display it.
I am sure that most of you out there have heard of a pinwheel cookie.
Well, they had made peppermint pinwheel cookies and stuck a lollipop stick in one side. Once the cookie was baked they placed the cookie part inside of a cellophane bag and tied a ribbon around the base of the cookie, leaving the stick poking outside of the wrapper.
Wah-la! A peppermint lollipop cookie!!!!

I am going to head out and buy all the ingredients today! … Although I probably won’t get a chance to make them until Tuesday (watch for photos).

I have made a recipe card from a recipe I found on the internet in case you want to print off a copy for yourself. (FYI: ‘t’ = teaspoon)

Have a Happy Sunday Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Cookie/Bake Exchange

  1. What a cool idea – I bet the kids will be thrilled with the ‘cookie-pops’!
    I’m so glad I can comment on your blog now too. Yay! Thanks for the recipe card – hope your holidays are merry and bright!

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