Happy 2010!!!

Hey wait… I am still here….turn the lights back on dammit!

Yah, I suck at blogging, I know (tee hee). I am so busy all the time with ideas running around in my brain regarding what new art work/styles I can try, what new shows I can organize, how I can improve in my life, my art & my work!!!

Geminis, I tell ya.

Okay, so here is a run down for 2010 so far:

Creative Finds presents “Beauty, Bling & Burlesque” on May 7th & 8th st Sullivan Hall this year. Stay on the waters edge and think what if or just jump in with both feet, hey? Friday night there will be a wonderful array of vendors to shop from for Mother’s Day treats while we are blushingly entertained by some local lovely Burlesque Performers. Saturday will be slightly tamer for our more bashful clientele (no stage performances on Saturday). The shows application form will be posted up on the website tomorrow for downloading (www.creativefinds.ca).    We will also be inviting ATC Artists to participate in the show by sending in their submissions to the “Bright and Beautiful Burlesque ATC Showcase“.  CLICK HERE for details.

Creative Finds presents the 4th Annual “Winter Art & Fine Craft Marketplace” on Nov 13th & 14th. Applications have already been pouring in and you can download your copy today by clicking HERE.

I have started my second art journal as you know and my work already seems to be transforming right before my eyes.

We are also looking at adding another show to the schedule this October. Will let you know how things progress.

VLOG: We have a wonderful new video camera, which my hubby has promised to teach me the ins and outs of editing so that we may bring you art videos and other camera related goodies.

TATTOO: As many of you know I added a very unique French Beatnik Artist to my personal gallery last Spring with the help of the fantastic Artist Jime Litwalk. We are heading down to Las Vegas this Spring to see him and hope to come back with some new and inspiring work of his.

Okay, so that is my teaser so far for 2010! Leave us a message below and let us know your goals and creative agendas for the year, as we would loooove to hear them!

Keep smiling and creating,


One thought on “Happy 2010!!!

  1. Hey Nicci
    Happy New Year!
    Sending ya good vibes for 2010
    PS I still snore like a like a bear…
    love ya

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