Barack Obama

“Be judged on what you build not what you destroy”

Today begins as a great day in history, but I cannot help feeling apprehensive.

Around the time we won the opportunity to host the 2010 Winter Olympics, Sam Sullivan became the Mayor for Vancouver. As a handicapped Mayor, we thought he would do great things for our City and the coming Olympics. He made a mess of Vancouver (including the rat infested garbage strike, which he said had nothing to do with him) and the major debt he has left the tax payers.

Barack seems to be in a class way way above the Sam Sullivan level, which then leads me to the second, but in no way less important, fear of an assasination. The loss would be unsurmountable and devistate more than just those in the USA. Lets hope this never happens or is even attempted. No one touched Bush… so hopefully we are okay.

For our neighbours down South, I hope he is all that you have wished and hope for and leads a long happy healthy life.

Remember where you are today, what thoughts and resolutions you have had today to help make the world a better, stronger, and more peaceful place.

Keep smiling and creating!


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