Hi All,

I seem a little lost with my little man now attending school for a full day. Today was rather tough. I just ended up walking around Winners and then the grocery store with no real goal in mind except that I had to buy some cream for our coffee tomorrow.My Little Man

Yes, of course I had work to do at home (… including responding to the influx of emails I received yesterday alone. Thank you very much by the way.), but it was almost as though a fogg was swirling around in my head and I had the feeling about every 20 minutes that I needed to go pick him up as he was probably waiting for me. I kept checking the clock on my cell phone every. Even now, I still have over half an hour. I don’t know how many boxes of granola bars I purchased today. I think it was six or seven. What are we going to do with all those granola bars? I couldn’t even eat lunch, still haven’t actually and it’s almost 2pm! I have had my little buddy joined to my hip for the past 6 years. I even kept checking over my shoulder to make sure he is right there at my side and is safe. The world has just grabbed us by our joint puppet strings and is now cutting them off one by one with long shears, as he is being pulled out to experience what the universe has to offer on his own. Okay Francesca, you were right, this is really hard. I guess that is why I just did something totally abnormal for me and ate 7 cookies in place of my lunch. (I know Marco, it won’t happen again. You don’t need to empty the pantry when you get home, as I will schedule in my walk for tomorrow morning. Love you too.)

What to do, what to do???? well how about we have an online sale then?!? CLICK HERE.


Plus I think I had better get out my visual calendar journal (as designed by the lovely Violette) and start planning out my work days.

Well I had better go pick him up know.

Keep smiling, creating, and shopping (lol),


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