And so another week begins, as paint flows on the horizon

Good Morning,

Hannah's jacket

Hannah's jacket (front)

I thought I would share a few things this week, since I actually feel human again after surviving a horrible flu that seemed to last for ever (4 days in fact).

Hannah's jacket

Hannah's jacket (back)

Here are a couple photos of the jacket I painted for Duran’s friend Hannah. Unfortunately I missed her party, but have been informed that she absolutely loves it. Yeah! You never know with kids, they will either love something or hate it and aren’t afraid to express it.

Duran also painted her a piece of wearable art, which I think is absolutely fabulous!  I may be biased being his Mom and all, but it is just too cool. He is such an amazing kid! We are lucky to have him in our lives.

t-shirt by Duran

t-shirt by Duran

As for me, I have many projects swirling around in this Gemini brain of mine:

#1Bras for a Cause …. I need to start embellishing it this week and recording the process on film (if I can figure out how).

#2 – Creating work for the West Coast Tattoo Show (prints, canvases, wallets, pendants, etc). I actually went to OPUS yesterday and bought two 18″x36″ canvases to paint ‘Girlz’ on.

#3 – Planning the GPS (Glitter Power Sisters) gathering for this June here in White Rock, BC, Canada

#4 – Creating a local Art Event based on this type of idea (CLICK HERE).

Art Outing:

Marco at Jim Cummins Art Show

Marco at Jim Cummins Art Show

Oh, oh oh…. I went to another great art show of Jim Cummins (aka I Braineater) last Friday night and this time my hubby, Marco, joined me. His reaction to Jim’s work is pretty much the same as mine and it was wonderful to see him get excited about the art. He came very very close to buying a rather large painting of a crazed dog for Duran, but settled on a smaller piece of Jim’s ‘Blockhead’ character. He did this, as we could not think of another large wall in our home (that is not already embellished with Jim’s work) for this canvas to go on. Mind you half way home I thought of the wall it would be great on. (lol)

I might ask Jim if he could do a similar one, but of a skunk.

Valentine's photo by Duran

Valentine's photo by Duran

VALENTINE’S DAY: Last night we (Marco, Duran, Mom and I) went out for a belated V dinner. It was delicious! After dinner we picked up some frozen french vanilla yogurt and headed home for tea and dessert.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Keep smiling and creating!


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