After a few days of recovery… ha ha

Hi Everyone,

It always seems that after I have an event I need to hibernate for a few days. For those of you that do not know, I took part in a Art Contest and Auction last Sunday which was hosted by Granville Island Ferries. This was the 27th annual Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction where all monies raised go towards the Children’s Hospital Art Therapy Program. There is space for up to 25 Artists to decorate, embellish, transform a galvanized garbage can into a piece of art with a time limit of 4 hours.

This year I was honoured to find out I tied for 2nd place. Mine was entitled “Vampire Soup” and was inspired by the Twilight series.

Here are a few photos for you to take a peak at.

More photos can be viewed on my FLICKR page.

I am currently scanning my art journal, which I have created in for the past year. Once it is all copied over, I will post them here for you to take  peak at.

Keep smiling and creating!


2 thoughts on “After a few days of recovery… ha ha

  1. LOVE your can- it turned out so well! Did you know that one of the judges bought it- she came up to me looking for you…! :)))
    And it was so great to meet you finally in person!!

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