A White Christmas After All!

Hi Everyone,

Okay so I have missed three work shifts as of late due to snow. It has been absolutely wonderful to be able to hang out with my family and go sledding down the hill, which I have been unable to drive up, …..but I feel horrible having to leave my co-workers to fend for themselves with all the last minute Christmas Shoppers rush!

Please forgive me ladies, I have tried my best and if I still lived uptown I would be there by way of foot.

We finally had a day of freedom yesterday & I did actually make it in to work, but only to find out that someone had taken my shift for me, but forgot to tell me (lol).

There is something about working in a chocolate shop on Christmas Eve day that is absolutely wonderful! All the ladies are sharing jokes, calling customers down to their till from the one massive line that goes out of the store and into the mall, having a race with ‘N’ to see who can get the highest total before the other one, sharing some holiday treats and Christmas cards in the small back room & then giving hugs and wishing each other a very merry Christmas as you head home at the end of the day.

So, we may be finally having a White Christmas, which none of us have seen in a very long time (maybe 20 years), but I feel like I am missing out on something which has become a tradition for me (FYI: I only work during the Holiday Seasons).

Fun in the SNOW!

The icicle still grows!

The icicle still grows!

Duran has been absolutely loving it! … and so he should! Wow, to be 5, on Christmas Eve and have the snow back to 15 cm high with at least another 15-20 cm expected!

We have been recording (with photos) the growth of an icicle by our front door.

We were planning on knocking it down today, but since it is in our garden where no one is walking in this weather, we may just let it grow and see how far it goes.

Digging ourselves out

Digging ourselves out

Anyways, I have been asked to go play in the snow, so I had better get out there and not miss out on anything!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Keep smiling and creating!


2 thoughts on “A White Christmas After All!

  1. Merry Christmas, Nicci! That sounds like the perfect job at the perfect time. We haven’t had any snow but I’m not complaining. 🙂 Enjoy sledding!

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