A Sneak Peak into “21 Acts of Censorship”

I knew I had a block of some kind going on recently. I was getting so frustrated even though I was working away sketching in my journal.

21 Acts of Censorship (Sneak Peak)

21 Acts of Censorship (Sneak Peak)

Yesterday started with meeting to gab over coffee with my wonderful Mom group from my son’s school. I enjoy their company to bits, but yesterday it just felt like I was supposed to be somewhere else. So after visiting for about an hour, I headed over to the library on the next block in hopes of finding some inspiration (as that is what I thought I was in need of). It turns out their art/creative section is in need of lots of love and a big overhaul. I think I lasted in there all of 10 minutes. Next I decided to pop into our local dollar store (now $1.25 store. lol). They were in the process of unloading their new product shipment onto their shelves and to what my wandering eye should appear, but gallery wrapped 12″ x 16″ canvases! I picked up one out of an opened box and perused the rest of the store. Not totally believing that these babies could be only $1.25, I picked up 4 more and went to the check out counter. YES!, they are $1.25 each. I went straight home and sketched out one canvas, painted her hair a vibrant but swirly red and then found myself, once again, stopped mid-creation. What the fudge? Skin tone, that was my block! I am tired of using the flesh, almond, teddy bear, chestnut and all the other colours I have been using for skin tones over the last who knows how many years. Back to the stores I go in search of what my creative juices are craving. Low and behold, parchment, that is the shade that jumped off the shelf yelling at me to ‘Catch!’.

The image you see in this posting is of the five paintings I was greeted by as I awoke to them this morning. Due to their size, I decided I needed more to make a proper collection ….and it had to be an odd number, but 15, 19, 17, none of them spoke to me. 21, that’s it.

“21 Acts of Censorship”: It seems to have almost a sexiness to it, or maybe I am just another Artist that is partially bonkers, or it could be the fact that in my plans for this Spring is a Burlesque Show and a trip to Las Vegas. So we get the legal age of 21 (U.S.A.) and the performance of tease. So now I have 16 more new canvases in my living room calling to me. I hear a nurse, a nun, a grandma, hmmmmmm maybe even a few Olympic athletes may emerge.

Now, I just need a venue to showcase the collection!

Have a great day! Keep smiling and creating,


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  1. Wow Nicci! $1.25 for gallery wrap?? I’m drooling with envy. Lucky you. Looks like you met part of your destiny. Right place, right time that day. Maybe too, you could volunteer some time to help your library do an overhaul in their art/creativity section. Helps them, and surely free publicity for you and your art. xoxoxo

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