A new year … a new resolution!

Hi All,

Following suit of a fellow Artist, I am writing down my daily plan before I begin my daily travels… chores….adventures if you may.

School Girl... a survivor of 'Hard Nox'

School Girl... a survivor of

So far today I am prettymuch on target.

Get my son off to school, excercise for a half hour, sketch, blog (and here I am).

Not too shabby so far, hey?


Yesterday I heard about a show which is happening out in the Fraser Valley in April. It is the debut West Coast Tattoo Culture Show!  Besides all the fabulous Tattoo Artists and retail vendors that will be set up, there will be an Art Gallery focusing on local Artists, Yeah!

So yesterday morning I quickly sent off an email to those in charge to see if they will accept my artworkfor their gallery.

So far this is the response I have received and I am looking forward to talking with them more on the subject:

“Your pieces are fantastic!!! Thank you for your email. Would you be interested in having a vendor booth if you have jewelry pieces as well?? I think you would do very well at this show with your art..      Let me know what you think!”

I am hoping to have my work at the show! Keep your fingers crossed and …see you tomorrow morning!

Keep smiling and creating,


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