2012 Art Adventure (#1)

I have a few wonderful Art Adventures on my 2012 Creativity Calendar already!

One of them being Teesha Moore‘s ARTFEST this Spring. I am so excited, but also a little scared. Why?, you ask… because I am forcing myself to venture out into the unknown all by my little ole self (I feel a little bit like Scaredy Squirrel).

I will be surrounded by other creative spirits, but not knowing a single soul yet among them. Even though through my appearance many times in my life I have definitely ‘stood out’, never expect me to be the first one to step up and say hi first. I have always been the shy observer. The funny thing is that in this situation the colour of my hair, tattoos and wearable art will most likely just blend into the crowd lol.

My first day long class will be Dolls & Dudes by Michelle Allen. My second day/second class will be Draw! Fantasy Vaudeville by Miss Mindy.  My third day and final class will be Story Pieces by Sunny Carvalho.

Oh, to expand ones creativity….. I am so very fortunate. xox

…. but I think I may still pack a ‘survival kit’ of my own (Thanks Scaredy Squirrel).


6 thoughts on “2012 Art Adventure (#1)

  1. Nicci, I, too, came alone my first year. I’m also not one to approach others, but everyone is so friendly I never felt alone or left out. I’m taking two of the same classes as you so I’ll be looking for you. Where are you staying?

  2. You’re going to love it. If you’re making trades (little pieces of art or supplies if you’re not familiar with the term) to exchange with other attendees, that’s a great ice breaker. People trade those at breakfast, lunch, dinner, in class, after class… there are always people walking around offering to trade. PLUS, if you see me there, don’t be afraid to say HI! (I won’t be surprised if you report back after artfest that you’ve made friends to keep in touch with… I’m still in touch with a large number of people that I’ve met there.) See you soon!

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