16 Things

I have been tagged and asked to post 16 things about me that some of you may not know.

So here we go:

16 things about me:

1. I almost always wear black
2. I feel very bland if I do not have any pink in my hair
4. I prefer the truth. Just be honest & I will respect you.
5. peanut butter is my weakness
6. One of my favorite sandwich is made with asparagus, ham and Havarti cheese.
7. I want to be well known for my artwork in a positive way.
8. Cannot wait to get my own artwork tattooed on myself!
9. likes a good cup of tea
10. is a great … great multi-tasker
11. Would love to learn to weld & create art by those means.
12. Hopes every year that someone would buy her a scroll saw.
13. Loves Phil Collins, but has never owned a single tape, record album, CD or mp3 of his. Hmmmmm
14. Would rather put her last $4 into a mall photobooth than buy a mocha or latte.
15. loves to dance!!!
16. enjoys going on hikes, but hardly ever does.
I would have put that I am afraid of vacuums, but now that I am nearing 40, I think I have finally conquered that fear out of necessity.

I remember going to friends house when I was a young teenager and seeing her Mom crawling around on the floor picking up lint. When I asked what she was doing, my friend told me that her Mom did not like vacuums. I thought to myself, “Is that what I am going to look like when I am older?, The crazy looking lady on the floor?”. Thank goodness, I have never had to do that to myself and my family (lol).

I would love it if you would share your 16 things in the comments section of this posting!

Keep smiling and creating!


0 thoughts on “16 Things

  1. 1. Self-confessed obsessive compulsive.
    2. Chocoholic.
    3. Perfectionist.
    4. I really REALLY care what people think about me. Almost to a fault.
    5. I love to watch the Dakar rally.
    6. My robe of laziness.
    7. I don’t dwell on the past. Always looking ahead.
    8. It takes me a bit to get motivated sometimes. Once I do though, there’s no stopping me.
    9. I can sometimes come off as too blunt.
    10. My hair must be perfect! (See point 1 and 3)
    11. I really want to improve my cooking abilities.
    12. I feel that everyone should have access to e-business, regardless of one’s ability.
    13. Learning sign language. I’ve mastered letters and numbers. Working on common words.
    14. Would like to learn Japanese one day.
    15. I love my family and would do anything for their happiness.
    16. I wish I could grow a real beard 🙂

  2. 16 Things About Krystin:

    1) I have seen the following bands perform live in concert: Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Billy Idol, The Cult, The Cure, Bon Jovi, The Pursuit of Happiness, Depeche Mode, The Northern Pikes, The Grapes of Wrath, Phil Collins, Paula Abdul (oh, ashamed to admit *that* one), John Cougar Mellencamp, Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five(boy, almost forgot!), Madonna, I know I’m forgetting some.
    2) I’m accepting the fact I’m slowly getting old. It had to happen one day
    3) Very snake-phobic. Even if just on TV. Even if toys.
    4) Lizards are just snakes with legs
    5) I don’t do well at giving blood.
    6) I was almost named Golden Arizona Dawn. Sheesh, babyshower gifts could have been stripper poles
    7) I went through a phase that whenever I travelled somwhere, I got my ears pierced there as a souvenier.
    8) I’ve had my navel pierced and my nose pierced twice
    9) Am now scared of the big dude wielding piercing needles at Mack’s Leather
    10) I won’t answer the door after dark. Neurotic old lady thing
    11) I don’t like talking on the telephone.
    12) I wonder if I’ll ever have time to be an artist again.
    13) Will work the most demeaning jobs, in order to feed my family.
    14) Have to get a new art calendar every year. This year, the art of John Lennon
    15) Big Craighead Meinhardt fan
    16) Am a magnetic poetry junkie.

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