Welcome to my 2012 Art Studio !!!

Welcome to the first day of 2012.

We re-vamped the studio area again yesterday with some new IKEA shelves, and I think we may have it ‘right’ this time. It feels great. I am starting the Creative New Year off on the right foot! (CLICK HERE to see how it used to look)

Here are a few pics for you:

Happy New Year! Keep smiling and creating!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my 2012 Art Studio !!!

  1. Connie,
    You are too funny with all of your posts… ha ha. Don’t worry, I did not approve all of them on here. lol.
    I am so glad you like my studio space. I am more than lucky…. I cannot believe I actually have it to work in. It makes all the difference in the world, plus I get to share it with my family for meals, tv watching and dancing.
    Have a great day!

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