Packing her up!

Well yesterday I had to begin packing up my art studio, as we were down to one week until the big moving day. She looks so barren right now, but I am sure she will be even more hallow as a creative womb once I am finished by the end of today. UGH! I feel like Charlie Brown after Lucie has pulled the football out of the way and I have landed on my back, resulting in knocking the wind out of myself … and my sails. (I took a few pictures of the studio and garage this morning, before I jump back in and pack up the rest.)

Yes, trust me, I know about horrible things that really happen in peoples lives and this doesn’t even rank on the scale of true pain or misery, but it still feels like there is a vise squeezing my heart.

Don’t get me wrong. I am very excited about moving to the new house (new for us). I just really like where we are now, plus this is our sons first and only home so far. So many wonderful memories. The last house I was upset to leave was on Morris Drive in Victoria when I was about to start grade 6. I had such good friends there & a ferry ride was a bit too far (and expensive) to keep up on play dates.

My new studio will be smaller than the one I have now & I have to somehow fit in two extra cabinets and a work desk. Now, there is something to ponder…., how the heck am I going to do that? I know I will be getting a larger one in about two years when we add on to the house, but in the mean time…

I am tempted to look into buying a large shed for the back yard, insulating it and checking out the possibilities of solar powered lights and heat. At least that way I might get the larger studio sooner (which I can have art parties in), but I will still need a permit and more money. Ideas Anyone?

Well I had better get back to it, as it won’t pack itself, will it? ha ha

Have a great day, keep smiling and creating!


2 thoughts on “Packing her up!

  1. Moving can be very emotional. Especially when you have so many memories created in a place.

    I think you’d do well carrying your business as home parties. That way you can leave when need be. It can be frustrating if people linger longer than expected. The mess will stay at the owners home!
    It may create a better perspective of what will work in studio! Best of luck to you!

  2. Thanks Giggles.
    I have actually been doing home parties for just over a year now and love them. I actually just did one last Wednesday evening in Vancouver, which went very well…., but I still want to be able to do them in my own studio as well.

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