I’m being invaded! Please HELP ME !!!!!

LINK to my digital downloads

LINK to my digital downloads

2 thoughts on “I’m being invaded! Please HELP ME !!!!!

  1. Hi..listen, this was last year..I would like to see how it looks today. My suggestion is two fold…you seem to have a wall where a tall shelving unit could fit…if there is another wall for tall shelving so much the better. The kind you put together, usually 5 shelves including the top on it, you can place drawer units and containers on it. My second important suggestion is that you sort items into piles…and buy large plastic containers for them…trying to keep all the same stuff in each container. AND LABEL THEM. If you have stuff you only seem to use now and then, get shallow containers that can fit under your bed. If you would need a lot of large deep containers and not enough space to set them alone…stack them with less used items on the bottom of the stack…and you can put a tablecloth on top of this stack and a lamp on it to cozy room up for company. Please go to my profile page to see my images of my room. I have a small bedroom and a lot of stuff…but like to get to things easily., so have arranged things for my comfort and ease to get to things. Example…I Have several cigar boxes I covered with different color papers and each box holds that color embellishments. I have several 12×12 plastic containers holding sorted 12 x 12 papers…holidays, thin for envelopes, solid colors, graphic 45…like that. If your room is tall enough you can stack some shelving or drawer units on top of each other!! I don’t want to ramble on to long, if you read this at all…lol So maybe you could visit my page and see my craft room shots for some ideas. btw…you have a door that is empty!!! Buy a door rack that has many shelves and put your glue, gesso, gels, etc on it!! They are usually sold for pantry food items…lol. I hope i Have helped…but it may be moot…you may have already redesigned your space by now since it is almost a year later….9-11-2017.

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