September ART JOURNAL ~ Prompt #3

For those of you that will be following along in my OCTober 31 Day ART JOURNAL Prompt CHALLENGE…. here is your last of 3 ….. warm-up prompts !

2014-sep-propmt-03If you would like to join in the FUN, you can follow along here on my BLOG or events page. If you would like to see what our other members on Facebook are creating, please CLICK HERE and join our great event!  You are also welcome to JOIN our ART JOURNAL JUNKIES group HERE!

Keep smiling and happy Creating!

3 thoughts on “September ART JOURNAL ~ Prompt #3

  1. Painting the back seat of my parents’ car…
    They almost couldn’t even afford the free clunker we had. I felt sad about the financial problems and volunteered to help out by beautifying the dirty old car with a spectacular 5-year-old paint job in the back seat with white lead-based house paint.
    My parents were unhappy with my efforts. :-/

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