Favorite / Inspirational MOVIE Moments

When looking for creative inspiration, I sometime take a moment to relive some of my favorite movie moments. Today, I thought I would share a few with you:

(1) Duckie Dale dancing to Otis Redding in ‘Pretty In Pink

(2) “Oh, there you are Peter!” with Robin Williams in ‘Hook

(3) Obituary reading in ‘Serendipity‘ (time mark 1:15)

(4) The visit to the ART GALLERY in ‘Some Kind of Wonderful‘ (time mark 2:30)

(5)Before Sunrise‘ ~ Jessie asks Celine to get off the train and take a chance.

.. in no particular order 🙂

New Glitzy Galz … including our sideshow attraction Unigirl!

This week I have been house-bound with a bad head cold, but still managed to get a bit of work done. Thankfully. 🙂

Yesterday I digitally prepped 6 new greeting card images.sample-image

Leave me a message below to tell me which ones are your faves or what you would like to see in my next set. Unigirl-stamp-by-N


Here is the new sketch, now digital stamp I did today. Unigirl, the Sideshow attraction! The Unigirl was inspired by a facebook posting today by Samie Harding (aka Journal Girl).


If you would like to purchase a copy to colour in or use in your scrap-booking or juicy art journals….CLICK HERE!