The side show is not over until the glitzy gal ‘sangs’

What did you do today?

I played with a wood peg, a mint box and my art supplies…. it was a good day!

Nicci-IMG_6734 Nicci-IMG_6735 Nicci-IMG_6736 Nicci-IMG_6737 Nicci-SANY0725 Nicci-SANY0726 Nicci-SANY0727 Nicci-SANY0730 Nicci-SANY0732 Nicci-SANY0735

Little Box World dioramas

Title: “On With the Show!” By Nicci Battilana.
The side show is not over until the glitzy gal ‘sangs’.

Materials: mixed media, acrylic paint, patterned paper, glitter, string, crystal fabric, & washi tape.

Oct Art Journal Jam

We had a great day yesterday at our monthly Art Journal Jam, which is hosted by the lovely Violette, held at the warm and welcoming Good Day Sunshine Cafe on High Street.

Thanks to Satira who had the great idea of a sketch and pass. We each had 7 minutes to start a sketch and then pass our page to the person on our left, who then had 7 mins to add to it and so on until we all had a turn at each page.

Can you tell which one I started?

2013-10-22-IMG_6693 2013-10-22-IMG_6694 2013-10-22-IMG_6695 2013-10-22-IMG_6696 2013-10-22-IMG_6697 2013-10-22-IMG_6698 2013-10-22-IMG_6699 2013-10-22-IMG_6700 2013-10-22-IMG_6701 2013-10-22-IMG_6702 2013-10-22-IMG_6703 2013-10-22-IMG_6704 2013-10-22-IMG_6705 2013-10-22-IMG_6706 2013-10-22-IMG_6707 2013-10-22-IMG_6708 2013-10-22-IMG_6709Want to join a fun event where you can create and laugh for a few days?  Checkout our Spring 2014 ‘Into the heART’ Art Retreat!  (No experience necessary).

Where’s the THREAD?!

2013-10-12-IMG_6648 2013-10-12-IMG_6649 2013-10-12-IMG_6650Well, I did it!  I cut apart one of my hand painted denim jackets… and it actually felt good. For a few hours over the past two days I have been working on this new Messenger bag, only to realize that while I thought I was closing in on the finish line late last night (watching SNL) …. and was SEW in the zone of creation, that I did not realize I was trying to sew without thread.  UGH, what a time to run out. My large spool of thread was completely bare and all that was staring back at me was the very white plastic spool.

I guess I will be visiting the local Walz-mart today since the fabric store in White Rock is closed on a Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends & family!


SEW adorable messenger bags!

Look what I have been creating this week…. well yesterday anyways. I made both of these bags on Thursday and can’t wait to make some more ……. smiles!

What do you think so far?

My creative CLUTTER:

… creating in a Crow’s Nest

Today was the GRAND OPENING for The Crow’s Nest Art Studio (formerly The Upstart Crow) in Delta BC.

Megan had a table set up for creating on canvas, along with tea, coffee and fresh baked cookies to welcome everyone to her lovely new studio. The Crow’s Nest is housed in the lovely Handford House, which was built in 1912. It is such a warm and lovely space in which you feel almost overwhelmed by it’s inviting coziness that you just want to find a seat and let your creativity soar. I did.

Location: 5038 47a Ave, Delta, BC, Canada

As an extra bonus, The Crow’s Nest is owned and operated by one of our very lovely and talented “Into the heART” ART RETREAT Teachers on May 22-25, 2014 in Harrison Hot Springs!

CLICK HERE to check out Megan’s workshops!


Today is a brand new day!

Yes, our food is now located outside in the rain in coolers with ice packs, however…

The fridge will hopefully be fixed before sundown, our family members health is in pretty good standing, and I have a wonderful family and group of friends!

2013-10-02-SANY06852013-10-02-SANY0687Shown above are a couple pics I took for you this morning. Please free to share them online.    🙂

Keep smiling and creating!


So I went out this last Sunday and did my big ‘healthy’ grocery shopping trip, planned out meals for the next few days…. and then the 2 year old fridge decides to quit working during the night!

Bye bye yogurts, 1% cottage cheese, chicken, milk, etc etc etc……UGH.

The repair man came by just before 5pm tonight and will be back in the morning with a new fan, etc. Quoted fixing costs $270.00.  A healthier me…..priceless  🙂

This is just a beginner kick start to see how I will manage challenges on this healthy journey.  2012-06-13-whats-next-IMG_5