NEW Wrist-lets….. just for you!

Here is a quick sneak peak of a few trinkets you will be able to purchase this coming Saturday at my Art Studio OPEN HOUSE!!

My friend Jai sewed these for me, as I was having a bit of trouble getting used to sewing in the zippers… lol.    As a thank you gift, Jai, you get first pick!  If you cannot make it on Saturday, I can drop it off for you.

I hope many of you can make it to the OPEN HOUSE. I will post a sneak peak reminder every day this week.

I have a favour to ask…. and it’s an easy one…. please read

Hi Everyone,

I have a dear friend that has been battling cancer over the past three years (like many others). Sabrina is stage 4 in her battle with breast cancer. Stage is usually expressed as a number on a scale of 0 through 4 — with stage 0 describing non-invasive cancers that remain within their original location and stage 4 describing invasive cancers that have spread outside the breast to other parts of the body.

She is having surgery again today to replace her valve, as it mal-functioned and she needs a new one for her chemo treatments. They tried doing the surgery yesterday, but it did not go well and she has to go back in again today. Poor Girl.

This favour that I am asking from you all will only take a few minutes out of your daily routine. I would like to ask you to send her a funny or positive affirmation postcard or greeting card her way.12 rules for life!

A bit about my friend Sabrina:

  • She loves a good laugh.
  • enjoys making and decorating cakes/cupcakes
  • had worked in the travel industry from the early 90’s until earlier this year.
  • she is a fighter and is stubborn when fighting for what is right.
  • Dreams of living in a warm climate with swaying Palm Trees and the ocean nearby.

You can read a bit more about her here, as she talks about how she raises money each year for cancer research.

If you would like to donate to cancer research in her name that would be even more amazing.  If you’d like to donate to “Brina’s Army“, please go to and go to the “donate to a team” tab and look for “Brina’s Army.”

SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS: Sabrina, 15450 – 18th Ave, Surrey, B.C., V4A 1X2 Canada (I am posting my address, as I will deliver them to her in the next couple of weeks for all of you.)

Thank you for taking the time and sending her some love and healing.  For everyone that sends in a surprise hug for Sabrina, I will email you a printable digital copy of my 12 Rules for Life (shown above). Send love and receive it in return.. Make sure you write your email addy on the back of your envelope.   🙂


Creating Acrylic Stamps

Having a great day with my good friend Jeni. We are making acrylic stamps from our own artwork. So much fun!

We found that when printing the negative images out on the computer printer the black negative space was not dark enough for the stamps to work correctly. Jeni had the ingenious idea of placing two negatives together and then tape the edges so that they do not slide apart while processing. This succeeded in making the black negative space much more saturated…. and SUCCESS! It worked!

We did however unfortunately waste a few stamp gel packs working out the kinks, but are now quite happy with the results. We just wish that the stamps themselves were thicker, as the areas on my girls faces that are not raised for stamping (i.e. the skin) was so thin that it ripped on my curly haired girl.    🙁

With my second stamp, the girl’s face with no hair, the lines are great, however in her flesh area, there is absolutely no acrylic left. If it was not for the plastic backing that was supposed to be peeled off upon completion, I would just have a bunch of separated facial features… which could also be fun in their own way. Therefore we glued the stamp with its plastic backing still in place to an acrylic block. Not the cheapest solution, but our tool handy men are out for the day and not here cutting wood blocks upon our whimsical  requests … lol.

The Stampmaker is from Teresa Collins creative line of products.  If you are looking to make some stamps of your own, you can currently purchase a supply kit off of Amazon.

Keep in mind that acrylic stamps do not have a long life span, but you can still have a great deal of fun with them. For me, this is a fabulous way to test out a few of my art designs and see which ones I will have made into wood mounted rubber stamps this Fall.

So far, I love the idea of creating girls heads and faces, which then you can design the hair, bodies etc or even use them in college images from magazines. Imagine taking a class from great Artists,  such as Christy Tomlinson (, and using one of my stamps for the face!   So many ideas!!!   Leave a comment and let me know what you think.