busy creating a new gaggle of DIGITAL STAMPS for you!

I will be offline this weekend… busy creating a new gaggle of DIGITAL STAMPS for you!

I need to schedule time away from FB & PINTEREST to get some artwork done ….ha ha.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Dancing Duran takes GOLD!

So very proud of my young Man!

Overall awards won at Dance Power:

  1. JAZZ Large Group 9/10years (Div II) “The Tribe”: GOLD medals, 2nd place
  2. Novelty SOLO 9/10 years (Div II) “Adolpho”: GOLD medal, 1st place, special Judge award for ‘Shining Star’.
  3. Novelty DUO 9/10 years (Div II) “I Can’t Dance” with Jayda: GOLD medals, first place
  4. TAP Large Group 9/10 years (Div II) “Footloose”: SILVER medals
  5. NOVELTY Large Group 9 years (Div II) “Song Birds”: GOLD

(action stage photos taken by GTFX.ca)

Dancing Duran is back on stage!

2013-03-04-Duran-dance-poweDance competitions have begun for the year. Yesterday Duran’s jazz group did a number entitled “The Tribe”. They were fantastic!!!  The won gold medals and rcvd second place standing for their category. Way to go Team!!!

We are not able to film during performance time, but have free reign when the kids are on the stage waiting for the awards to be announced for their session. Duran always makes good use of this time and the chance to be on a stage. This time, however, young Sean decided to join him front and centre. They had a blast as you can see below!

Tomorrow Duran competes against 6 other entries with his solo! So excited to see him up their again…. and yes, I will have the camera rolling at award time again!   🙂