Need a British Robot to bring you some tea?

When you are busy creating in your studio space, wouldn’t it be fantastic to all of a sudden have a cup steaming hot tea appear beside you with maybe a biscuit or two?

Sometimes we get so engrossed in our work that a meal time will pass by, but we just don’t want to lose the creative groove we are in, so we wait a little longer.

May I introduce to you, Nanny Crump-bot 9,000!

Keep smiling & creating! Nicci

22 x 124 Lots in White Rock, BC for FREE….. in 1912, that is.

Hi All,

I just wanted to share this add for a magazine subscription from 1912, offering free lots of land in White Rock with your magazine subscription.  FYI: this is our neck of the woods in this great big beautiful world. (Thank you Auntie Lolly for sending this my way.)

white rock 1912

If only I could travel back in time…lol.


A Night Out in Vancouver!

Last Friday night I was invited out by my good friend Minna to see a local band (Current Swell from Victoria, BC)  at the famous Vancouver Commodore Ballroom. (FYI: I still miss the old bubble pillars and bouncy floor.) They had the crowd in quite a frenzy! Great job Boys!… and thank you for the ticket. Make sure you visit their website and download their songs from iTunes.

They are great to paint to… that is, if there is no room to dance in your art studio.

I went on a quick photo walk before we met up for dinner at the Morrissey Pub and thought you might like to take a peak.

with love from BC!