Mini Art Retreat at the MAGIC Cottage!

Last Saturday we had a wonderful creative day at Violette‘s.

Jenny drove up from Seattle for our yummy potluck and a few hours of creative bliss. What a trooper, driving 2 hours each way just to spend 5 with us.

Her drawings are so wonderful and whimsical, but alas, she does not have a blog, etsy shop, website or any other online visual avenue. She draws with her non-dominant hand and just creates while her mind wanders and relaxes. She held up one image she created during our time together, so that we could show it to you. I wish I could share more images with you.  Hopefully one day soon she will be ready to share her work with all of you. You will definitely want a print or two in your collection when she does.

Violette brought out a few of her inspirational art books and I brought a few LENORE comics to try and inspire some darker art from myself. We shall see where this leads…

Keep smiling and creating, Nicci.

Shopping fun

Duran enjoyed searching for craziness, while I shopped for groceries.

Keep smiling and creating,  Nicci